Apologies Tuesday, Jul 28 2009 

It really is bad form to be late on a blog when it is updated weekly, but this one is merited.  I will not be able to finish the intended blog until later today (i.e. Tuesday, July 28th).  I apologize for the inconvenience and I will do better next week.


Hello world! Tuesday, Jul 7 2009 


Having explored merely a handful of other blogs and at the behest of my best friend, I have started this blog.  For the most part, I intend to approach the topics of my blogs with a mature attitude, an objective view, but also with as much information as I can accumulate at the time of writing.  That being said, I wish to discuss the gaming community and industry in my blogs as not only is gaming a sizeable portion of my life but I also wish to help convey the immense potential that games have to positively affect the gamers who play said games.

At this time I intend to update once a week.  I am arbitrarily choosing Mondays it is the day I am updating my introductory and also the day I have gotten motivated/inspired enough to write about what I have been thinking of for many weeks now.

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