The title pretty much covers it: as of the latest wave ofadvertising for Cheetos, Chester Cheetah is campaigning to be this generation’s incarnation of the Devil.  Maybe the title doesn’t say that exactly, but you get the point.  Before I continue any further, I would like to clarify a few things:

1. I like Cheetos.  I am not trying to boycott them or discourage anyone from buying and enjoying Cheetos.
2. I am NOT an overly devout individual (i.e. religious nut) who proclaims the devil’s influence in works of fiction, media, or other sources to which I find questionable/objectionable.
3. I do enjoy these ads provided they don’t run everyday, every hour, every minute.  As with most things in life, moderation is the key.

So, I noticed a new wave of advertising for Chester Cheetah and Cheetos a while back.  Below is the first ad I saw of this new wave:

Holy $%^#!  Did you see that?  With but a look and a few words laced with suggestive tones, Chester Cheetah convinced this woman to partake in a banal and mundane, but no less evil act.  He encouraged this woman to give into her anger and spite someone just for her own sadistic satisfaction.  And then he vanishes, leaving her alone with the responsibility of ruining that woman’s clothes.

That might be incidental.  There is no definitive proof of his evil from that commercial alone.  But watch this:

My god!  He just convinced this woman to potentially suffocate that guy with Cheetos!  Ok, ok.  Yeah, he probably won’t die or anything, but still.  Now he is driving people to inflict possible physical harm on others!  And, and he is distracting the stewardess with a backrub; presumably so that she doesn’t see the one passenger shove Cheetos up the other passenger’s nose.

Again, pretty petty.  But watch this crazy $#@:

Flat out, there is no denying that Chester is doing something ^%%#% evil here.  He is siccing snack foods on LIVE humans, presumably wherein the Mighty Zingers will devour the people alive once cornered.  This is something truly horrible and horrific happening.

There are plenty more commercials like the ones above.  How about the time he colluded with a humble office worker to pointlessly deface another worker’s cubicle?  (Skip to 33 seconds):

There is no end to his evil!  Oh, but you may have seen his latest commercials.  The ones where he is seemingly nice.  He is just trying to throw you off; think of him as a misunderstood good trickster.  I will not be tempted by his lies!  I mean, look at him!  The aesthetic change gives him devil horns out of his hair and ears!  His eyes are totally shrouded by his sunglasses.  And he has the awesome devil goatee to top things off.  Ladies and gentlemen, this it the new face of the modern devil: