Yeah, can’t really claim that I am “reporting from Marmie Dog” since it ended on Sunday.  Anyways, here’s the play-by-play of my time at Marmalade Dog.

Day 2:
I ended up going to that game store and I picked up a unit booster pack for Monsterpocalypse (Series 1); I got me an Office Building and a couple of more units for some variety and duplicity.  My event was posted on the website and had a sign-up sheet, but was not put in the registration book for some reason.  Unfortunately, I ended up with no players;  just a few curious and then interested passerbys.  I ended up spending my time helping a friend who was a vendor organize a few things, chatted with friends, and then we all got into a game of Dominion.  Afterwards, I spent time painting one of my figures and making some good progress too.

Day 3:
Unlike on Saturday, I ended up with a few players for my event on Sunday.  It was fun for everyone involved.  I picked up a copy of Dark Inheritance, a campaign setting for D20 Modern (published by an independent company), and a game called Battlestations; it’s a board/roleplaying game designed to have a nostalgic sci-fi feel (i.e. cheesy uniforms and equipment that looks like kitchen utensils).

All in all, I really enjoyed myself and I would gladly go next year; in fact, I am already looking forward to it.