So, I feel like adding a new segment to the blog.  It’s simple: I am reporting my time at a gaming convention.  The convention is called Marmalade Dog 15 (as in this is their fifteenth year) and it is organized by the West Michigan Gamer’s Guild at Western Michigan University.  I have attended Marmie Dog for a number of years and it is one of my favorite cons to attend.  It has as much of the fun as any bigger con, without the crushing masses or greater expense.  This year, I have gotten in for free as I am running an event everyday of the con; this is actually standard compensation that they have repeatedly done over the years.

Enough with the brief, brief history, onto my day!  The drive was fairly uneventful and I got in with plenty of check-in time for my hotel room and the GM registry.  I got a chance to chat with a few good long-time friends.  I managed to find a new (to me) gaming store that is within walking distance to campus.  It looks promising; it’s well stocked, organized, with gaming space, and a variety of products, both in genre and in materials.  I have every intention of checking it out further tomorrow when I have time and to pick something up, if anything strikes my interest.

As for the con, well, I didn’t have as much as I was hoping.  My event ran longer than I thought, because no one was familiar with the system.  Also, I was concerned about keeping the pace fast, and the game fun/interesting.  One player was concerned about game balance, while another assured me that the scenario was balanced and that the other player is a chronic whiner.  I don’t take solice in that, as I feel that the “whining” player had some valid points and that I could improve upon my scenario for future events.  The biggest issue was adding variety to the game in the form of terrain; I did not have as much as anybody liked and that would be the number one change. I agree and I intend to add more detailed terrain for future events.  Other than that, everyone involved seemed to have fun.

Well, I can’t think of much else at this moment.  So, goodnight all ^_^