Genre: board game
Number of players: two to six players
Objective: eliminate other players from play by killing their Titans

This is not a new game.  In fact, it is more than twenty years old and has been licensed by three companies since it’s release in 1980.  Personally speaking, the most recent edition is the best designed in terms of its durability, graphic design, organization, and packaging.  Taking all of that into account, little is changed, if at all, from the Avalon Hill licensing of Titan.

In Titan, a player accumulates forces (referred as Legions) of mythic creatures in order to combat the forces of the other players.  Recruiting more monsters requires Legions to move about the board and landing on spaces that offer the various kinds of  creatures; the Legion must contain the correct existant creatures in order to Muster more critters.  The most complicated game mechanic is the movement system.  It takes some getting use to as there are four symbols to determine how, when, and in which direction movement may take place.  The next most difficult mechanic is figuring out the placement of terrain maps for combat and the subsequent deployment sides for each player.

The game emphasizing active and even aggressive play rather than passively sitting in defensive positions and waiting out opponents.  The statement of the game can essentially be it is better to take action than non-action.  With that in mind, it is better to act with thought and care; risking Legions or even your Titan risks you losing the game.  The tactics within the combats can be intricate and varied; there is no one correct way to conduct a battle, but there are several guidelines that can be applied to any given battle.  The game does emphasize risk management almost exclusively as you are constantly evaluating possible maneuvers and Legion movements to work in your favor.  The advantage goes for the players who thoughtful actions and not sitting and waiting for the enemy to come to you; find your opportunity, don’t wait for it.

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