Now, we will be taking a closer look at individual games within their respective genres.  This will include a format change wherein I will be reviewing said games.  While I will be looking at the mechanics of the games, what I am looking for in particular will be the educational potential of those games; in other words, what can these games teach us beyond the game.

With this format change, comes other nifty changes; namely that I will be taking requests for games to review.  I have the first review already set, but I will start taking requests for future reviews.  What I require in order to give proper credence to the review is a copy of the rules for the game (digital or physical); rules for expansions are not needed, but may help.  Until the requests start pouring in, I do have several other possible reviews that I can do; the order can be determined by request.  Here is a poll of games that I thought of for review; please vote and I will use that to determine which review I will do after next week.