As one may have noticed, I have neglected to post a new article last week and am yet again late this week on posting.  As per last time, I apologize; I am so sorry for my lateness.  However to make up for my tardiness, I intend to post not only last week’s blog up this week, but also post this week’s blog as well.  But that’s not all!  If I can manage it, I will also post up a bonus article this Friday.  Just to show everyone my current plan this week:

Tuesday 9/8: Taking a Closer Look: Miniature Games

Wednesday 9/9: Taking a Closer Look-Role: Playing Games

Friday 9/11: Player Expectations

Lastly, my updates from this point foward will be on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Again, sorry for my delays and thank you all for your understanding.